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Frequently Asked Questions

Where we are located?

Animal Aid of Southwestern Michigan has foster homes and volunteers located throughout Berrien County. Operating with all volunteers, we do not have a single facility that we are housed in and we travel to various locations in the community for adoption events and other services.


How we are funded? 

Animal Aid of Southwestern Michigan is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  We receive no government funding and rely on fundraising, community and foundation grants and donations to operate. Animal Aid has no paid employees.



Animal Aid – What We Do:

Animal Aid of Southwestern Michigan offers a variety of services to the people and pets of our community.

Adoption Services: Animal Aid houses a large number of dogs and cats in foster homes while they wait to find a permanent home. While in foster care, our animals are tested for illness, socialized, trained and evaluated for successful adoption match.  Animals are showcased at weekly adoption  days, on our website and through other advertising media.

Emergency Rescue: Animal Aid has trained volunteers available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to rescue seriously ill, and injured animals in our community. Rescued animals include those hit by cars, victims of abuse or neglect, and animals injured in other ways.  Rescued animals are taken to various area veterinarians for assessment , stabilization and emergency treatment.

Lost & Found: Animal Aid operates a lost and found hotline to match animals who have been lost with animals that have been located.  We offer counseling for pet owners who have lost animals, by using proven recovery methods for finding their animals. Our volunteers are available to help locate lost pets.

Humane Education: Animal Aid provides Humane education programs in area classrooms and youth groups teaching our youth about responsible pet ownership, dog bite prevention and other animal issues.

Spay/Neuter Programs: Animal Aid works in the community to educate the public about the importance of spay and neuter in correlation with reducing the number of animals euthanized due to overpopulation.

Along with education programs, Animal Aid provides information on low-cost spay/neuter options available through veterinarians and other aid groups in and around the county.

They also co-sponsor and participate in Team Neuter clinics, spaying and neutering hundreds of animals owned by low income, disabled or senior citizen members our community.

We assist in finding temporary foster aid for domestic abuse and emergency shelter. We support our community and those in need by assisting in temporary emergency shelter for pets threaten by domestic violence or due to owner hospitalization. We work with area agencies to develop plans to ensure safety, medical needs and with the goal of reuniting the owner with the pet. 

Fire Assistance: Animal Aid provides emergency veterinary care for animals trapped in house fires.  When tragedy strike, family members often are unable to cope with their pet's needs along with their own. Animal Aid is able to step in and ensure medical treatment and care for their pets while the human members concentrate on their basic needs of dealing with their own injuries, loss and need to find appropriate housing.

As Animal Aid is an ALL-volunteer organization, we do not have a central location or shelter.  You can find general information, a schedule of events and adoption days and available animals on our website at

As our volunteers' information may change, you can always verify correct phone numbers by calling our phone number
(269) 934-7729.


We host adoption days several times a month at various locations throughout Berrien County. A current list of our locations and times can be found on our website.




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